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What's New with My Site

Hello, on this page, you can read about what new things I have added to this site and etc...

New additions

I just put a new preview on the "Previews" page.  It is called "Avolaya" and it is about the kingdom of the dead, and a ghost that travels to the kingdom of the living and is offered the chance to live again, but only on one condition.  It is a great preview, and I encourage you to go and read it.

I made the "Story" page. It has the story on it. If you  want to hear more of the story, then just email me about it and I will get back to you as soon as I can.   I will add more of the story onto it soon, because I did not put a lot of it on the page.

I added a new Blog on the "Blog" page.  For November 4th 2006.  It explains a little about how my story is going so far, you may find it interesting, so I advise you to go read that when you get the chance.

I made a new page devoted to the Character of Veleena Nevile.  She is definately on eof my favorite characters, and I know you will like her too, if you read about her.  The page has a part in the book, that introduces her character into the book. And this is a real part of the story too.  Also on the page is a line from the book on Veleena, that I really like.  And there is a hint from the book about Veleena, not to completely give her away, but to give you an idea.  And there are also some descriptions of Veleena, so that you will know what she looks like.  It is a really awsome page, so you should check that out too.

Oh, I just added a new blog to the "Blog" page, November 9, so you can go and read that for any updates on my story.

I added another few Blogs onto the "Blog" page. You can check them out and comment on them if you want.

I just made a new page. The "Names and Words" page. It has all the words in the book that might be hard to figure out, or if you want to know how to say them, than it has everything on the page! so go and check it out soon.

I added a few things here and there. Like pictures. Look in the "Acknowledgements"page, I fixed it up and now it looks really nice.