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December 9, 2006

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote! My story is going great now, I got past sevral writers blocks, and now it is all going smoothly.

I have 57 pages now, and it is not even halfway done yet!

Yesterday, I wrote one of the most important parts of the whole story. Just to let you know, it is about night music. I have been researching on music a lot lately and even learned to read some music, a big reason for that is so that I would be able to describe it well.  I have been waiting for months, and now it is all down on one scene, so as you can imagine, I am sort of relaxing some now.

And I also did another important scene. With the "Mysterious cloaked figure". It is really good.  I was surprised I got it as good as it is.  Normaly, I write late at night, when I can think the best, and therefore, write the best.  But this time, I wrote the scene during the middle of the day, and it actually turned out good.

I created sevral new characters, but none that I am actually going to...

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November 15

November 15, 2006

Today, I have mainly been on the computer, fixing things on my site.

I really did not get any new inspirations for my story.

I did review the names in my story notebook though, and I did think of a few more.

Besides this, nothing new.


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November 11th 2006

November 11, 2006

Hey you guys,

Today, I got the most awsome new idea for a story! It is, so far, called "In the Dark" I will put it on the "Previews" page, so you have to go and read about it.

I got a few more description ideas, but that is pretty much it for now. I am still trying to put my drawings onto a disk so that I can put them on this site, but so far, I have been too busy to.


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November 9th 2006

November 9, 2006

Yo' guys,

I guess I should write a new blog.  Today, I went through more of my story, and added little sentences and parts in places that needed it.  I wrote a little more to the story also.  I think I just got past my writers block, so it will probably go smoothly until I reach another block.

I just introduced Azaria into the story, and I think I got her character right, but I need my sister to read it and tell me if she came out fine before I actually put it into the forever file.

I thought of some more descriptions for the story, and a few little ways to make it better, and I got a few more spurts of inspiration, but besides that, not much more of the story has been going on.


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November 4th 2006

November 4, 2006

Hey you guys,

Today, I have mainly been working on my website. Yesterday, I added a part of my story to it, so if you want, you can go check that out!

Last night, I went through my story, thirty pages so far, and added little sentences and extra parts where it was needed.  I think one little part that was added did a good job on the character development of Thesslis, and Nemmen, whose point-of-view it was.  The story is going very well so far and I am going to continue writing more today!

I will keep adding things to this website today, so check back often and see whats new. I will also add a whats new page.


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October 31st 2006

October 31, 2006

Hello People,

Happy Halloween everyone! Did any of you go out Trick-Or-Treating today?

Today I went on a walk around the neighborhood, and I (As always) brought my story notebook with me. I wrote down some notes, because insperation suddenly came to me.  It was a very windy day, and the brown leaves on the ground were extra crunchy, as it often is on Halloween, so I just used that as a description. Who knows when it might come in handy in one of my storys, if not this one.

I did get an idea for another story today, and actualy, I have mostly been thinking of that a lot.  Tomorrow, I will put the preview for all these upcoming books on one of my pages, so you will all have to check in on this again soon!

Again, I say, Happy Halloween to you all!


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