Names and words

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Names and words

Hey, this is the page that you can find all the words and names in the book that my be hard to pronounce, and I will tell you how!  I will put a short description of what or who it is afterward.

Thesslis: (Thes-lis) The Queen of Banna and Isla

Nemmen: (Nemm-in) A noble of the house of Isla, friend and adviser of Thesslis

Rahsile: (Raw-seel) The Regent of Isla

Veleena: (Veh-Lee-nuh), Noble of Isla, friend of Thesslis

Azaria: (Ah-Zar-ee-uh)

Vorayis: (Vor-aye-is) The Queen of Banna, and Pariah

Dellis: (Del-iss) The Regent of Banna

Pariah: (Puh-rye-uh) Means "Outcast of Conviction"

Decivle: (Dec-ivv-ole) A terrible storm that sweeps through Banna every year and destroys everything it can.

Isla: (Iz-luh)

Banna: (Ban-uh)