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This page is deticated to all those people who helped me out with my book. I strongly encourage you all to read this, because these people really helped me out with a lot of things that I could not have done by myself.


Therese A. Dumas; For her countless hours of listening to me talk about my book, and for all her helpful suggestions and advice. Her opinions on character development are fasinating!

Sarah M.J.R. Dumas; For her very good help on fighting techniques and costume designs. For listening to my story all the way through and helping me with some parts and with the character of Vorayis.

Michele M. Dumas; For her tedious hours spent editing the book and helping me with descriptions and grammer problems.

Danielle J. Meek; For helping me with the plot and Character developments. For listening the whole time about my book.

For all those that I have told about my book, and they had the slightest interest, thank-you, for even the smallest bits count!  

Okey, now I would not want anyone to feel missed out.

I would like thank anyone that I have not remembered to put down. And also anyone who just gave me moments of inspiration. It was really helpful, no matter how small, because it makes the story just a little bit better than before...