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Cast of Characters

Hello, Here you can read about the characters in my story. I will add something brief about them.

Of Isla

Thesslis; The Queen of Isla and The Queen of Banna. Also known as "Montessa V'e Tress A' lande." Which means "Queen of two lands".  The main Character of the story, the Daughter of Palavar, King of Isla, and Vorayis, Queen of Isla.



Nemmen; A noble of the house of Isla.  When Nemmen was very young, he was found wandering alone and the king of Isla took him in and raised Nemmen as his own son.  Thesslis and Nemmen have grown up almost like brother and sister. 

Of Banna

Dellis; The Regent of Banna.  Dellis has short red hair and brown eyes.  He is complete enemy to the Islain's, and he hates them all.


Veleena; Noble of Isla.  Once, Thesslis and her father had been traveling the country of Isla, when they found the most mysterious young girl, no older than four. She had Violet eyes that almost seemed to glow, and long white hair. As white as snow.  They took this lost girl in to the castle of Isla and gave her a home, where no one else would.  Veleena grew up in Isla, and from the first day they met, she and Thesslis were friends.  Veleena is the only one Thesslis feels she can truly confide in, and she trusts Veleena.

Vorayis; The Queen of Banna.  Vorayis Pariah, Outcast of Banna. The mother of Thesslis.



Rahsile; The Regent of Isla.  He has a long beird, and long hair in a knot in the back of his head.  He is a good person, and would protect Isla, no matter the cost.

Losyro; A soldier of the Queen of  Isla. Losyro has a wife and two sons. He is from the city of Endist.

Feara; A hunter of Banna. Feara is eighteen years old, and perhaps the best hunter in the two lands.  She was abandoned by her parents since she was able to talk, and has lived alone ever since.  She does not trust easily, and her friendship is hard to come by.  But she really loves her kingdom and her people, even if they have never loved her in return.


Azaria; Thesslis does not quite know who Azaria is.  She has chin-length black hair. A wild looking style.  She has deep green eyes.  Azaria always seems as if she knows something everyone else does not, and she is always very mysterious.  Thesslis always knew there was something not quite right about her, but she could never have imagined the real truth...