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My page, this is where you can read about me, the author of this book.

I am sorry, there are not many ways to contact me. I can really only give you my email address. But, you can always write me right onto this site, and I will get back to you.

E-mail me about questions or comments, or tell me about your own website or homepage, and I will add it to my links if you want. E-mail me here...

I first got the idea for the story "Pariah" in January 2005, when my grandmother came to Michigan to visit us.

I was doing my schoolwork at the time, and suddenly, I got the idea for a story in which there was a world cut into two parts, one was evil and one was good.  There originally were two Queens in the story, I believe the name for one of them was "Laceraton". The other name, I think might have been "Sha".  And the two queens were supposed to compete to be the "Best" land. 

But as time went on, the story gradually changed. It became, so slowly, what it is now. I cut out both queens and added a new one. I did not make a religion in this story, as it originaly had.  I changed the queens name to "Thesslis". I thought of the name when I was reading my Thesaurus, and I happen to come across the word, "Thistles" and I thought, 'Hey, if I kind of twist that word up it might be a good name!' and so the name kind of stuck to the character, it has not changed since.

The characters "Dellis" and "Nemmen" had, in the original idea, been the king of the lands, but they, along with the rest of the story, changed.  I remember that I had originaly thought of Nemmen as being the evil one, but I could never think of him evil any more.

When I write my book onto the laptop, I always use Arial font for the view of Thesslis, and Kino MT for the view of Nemmen, and a Seperate one for the view of Dellis. It helps me keep track of who's viewpoint I am writing in. It was originally my sisters idea, so I have Therese to thank for that!

When I thought of the idea for this story, It took me nine months of research and inspiration and mainly the whole idea of the story, before I actually began writing it.  I started writing the book only a little while ago, and I already have 36 pages, as of Nov 9th 06.

And every day, I try to collect more and more ideas for this story and others I will write. I get ideas mostly at night, when I can think the easiest, but I get ideas from being around friends or from my own personal experiences. Mainly from my everyday life.  I always carry my "Story notebook" around with me, incase I get any inspiration.  I suppose it is something every author must do.  In fact, I have my Story notebook with me even now.   By the way, to let you know, the notebook I use for my "Story notebook", I actually got as a White elephant at a group party, and it just so happened to be the one my author friend, Danielle Meek brought. So my "Story notebook" is actually from my friend.  An interesting fact.