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Story Descriptions

Hello this is the page where it has different descriptions of my story.  All of them were written by me.  Read only one if you want, read both, you may get more out of reading them both.


In this world, there are two lands, or kingdoms. 

One is Isla, and the other is Banna.  Now, Banna is evil, it is the cursed land. Everything is dead, the sky is a scorched red color, and most of the ground is cracked and dry. There is never enough food for all the people. The crops always die and leave the people starving.

         Now, the land of Isla is completely the opposite of Banna in every way possible.  The kingdom is alive in wealth. The sun is always out and the skies are blue. The harvest's are always good, and there is plenty of food to spare. Isla is the blessed land.

          Banna and Isla have been enemy's since the beginning of time, and because of this, there is a great stone wall bordering the middle of the world, cutting the two lands apart, and rarely anyone crosses the wall.

       This story is about Thesslis, the Queen of Isla.  Thesslis finds out that her mother, whom she has never known, was Vorayis, the Queen of Banna. Thesslis's father was the King of Isla, and so she is the true heir to Isla, but she is also the rightful and only heir to the throne of her people's enemy, Banna.  She decides that the old prophesy told by the Great Iseela herself, may be true. that one day, if the people of Banna forgot their jealousy and learned to love, that there would be peace between the two lands forever.  Thesslis travels to the land of Banna and soon finds that it is not as terrible as she had always thought, and she comes to even love the people of Banna. 

        But will her people of Isla believe her?  When she tries to tell this to Isla, Thesslis finds that her people are turning against her, and they are slowly losing their trust in her.  But she also thinks that maybe the power of Banna may be taking effect on her, and she finds that she has evil powers herself, passed down to her by her true mother, Vorayis, Queen of Banna.    

One sentence summary of the story

Thesslis, the Queen of Isla, but also only and true heir to the throne of Banna, tries to make peace between the two lands that have been enemies since the beginning of time, but finds that slowly, all her people are turning against her.