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About my site

Hello, my name is Mary Dumas, I am fourteen years old, and I have made one webpage before, but it was not really that good, so I deleted it. I hope this one will be better!

I live in Michigan. Where, exacly, I am sorry, but I cannot say.

I got a lot of my insperation for writing from my older sister, Therese. Who, by the way, likes to write too.  My sisters and I like to help each other out in our books, and so I really do owe a lot to them. Therese and Sarah.


The Story Behind My Site

I made this site mainly so that people could go and read about my story, maybe sugget something, talk about it, maybe even get ideas for storys of their own!  I would love to inspire story ideas for other people. And I would love to hear about other peoples story Ideas.


People who helped me make this story...

Now, there are a lot of people who helped me with my story.  You can read about this on my "Acknowledgements" page.

There is also a "Whats New" page, where you can just read right then what is new. I will post everything I can on this page, so you will know that I did not do any advancements on "this" page, and I did on that one. So go and check it out.

You can email me at...

Links to Other Sites... This is my friend, Danielle's site for her story.