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My name is Mary Dumas and I am making this Website to dedicate to the story I am writing. Right now, I call it "Pariah", but that, as most things, is most likely due to change in time.

I am trying to transfer my story onto a page, so that anyone can read it, but it is hard to do, so I am adding it little by little.  Feel free to read anything I have on this site so far, and visit again soon, because I will be adding a lot more.

If you have any suggestions or comments on anything, then you can email me at nemmen@lycos.com



You can visit my friends website here! http://the-shadow.myeweb.net/ Her name is Danielle, she is my fellow author friend, and if you like my book, than you will definately love hers too! So check it out, and don't forget to sign her Guestbook.


I would really like it if anyone who is interested to sign my guestbook so I will know who visit my site, and if you have any questions about my story or anything on this website, then please, feel free to ask.

I also have other pages you might enjoy. The "Character" page, has all the characters in my story and their names and their descriptions.

The "Blog" has a little bit about me.

The "Previews" page has previews of the upcoming storys I will write, and you can feel free to ask me about these storys too, but remember, I have not even started writing these yet, and they are not yet fully developed. These storys, too, will have their own website some day, and I will put the links on this site, for you to see.

The "Description" page has the whole description of my story, so you will know what it is about.

If you want to know more about this site, then I would suggest you go to the "About" page or the "Whats New" page and see if I added anything to the site.

2006 By Mary Catherine Dumas. "Pariah" all Names, places, characters are the property of the author.

I also have some of my own drawings for my story that I need to add onto this site, so be patient and wait for them.

Mary D.